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Squid Proxy

IP ServerLocationPortAccess ForStatus, 3128For all Server Asia

ONLINE, 3128For all Server Canada

ONLINE States8080, 3128For all Server United States

OFFLINE, 3128For all Server Europe


Squid is a daemon that is used as a proxy server and web cache. Squid has a variety of uses, ranging from speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests over, caching dns, caching web sites, and caching computer searches in the network for a group of computers that use network resources are the same, to aiding security by how to perform filtration (filter) traffic.
In general functionality or usability squid can be divided into two important functions, namely: First, squid server receives requests a page (object) of the client and fetch web pages (object) to be given to the client web. Therefore squid acting as a proxy. Second, squid server stores and provides pages (objects) the requested web client from any storage media locally (local disc) after a request for the first time on the page (object) web are met, so that the same request to the Web page after not necessary was taken directly to the website server but can be taken out of the page (object) that's been stored on a local disk. This is often referred to the function of "caching" and called web cache.